9 tips to quit smoking is extremely simple!

To quit smoking, if you have high determination and strong will-power, you do not need to use any impact factor, you will still be confident to do so.

However, If you don’t pass your quit intention, you should use a few tools or food supplements to help plan to quit smoking smoothly. They are tips to quit smoking by very few people know about them.

By using some of the food available in your kitchen. You are not hard to find them anywhere else far away, just a few items in your small kitchen, and smoking cessation work will become very easy.

They are food supplements, you are not tired to find them anywhere remotest, just a few dishes in your small kitchen, and the work of smoking cessation will become very easy.


A small but powerful idea – try a little salt with your tongue. It will immediately remove your cigarette addiction and help you quit smoking.


There are many ways to you can use cinnamon as a help to quit smoking. Simply, breathe a few times from a cinnamon stick, feeling like you’re taking a breath of cigarettes from your cigarette.

Second, Cinnamon boosts your brain activity, which reduces stress and reduces dementia.


During the study, experts found that venom of bees had a positive effect on smoking cessation.

For those who smoke, drink honey + lemon juice + water. The mixing ratio is as follows: 1 teaspoon honey + lemon juice from 1/2 lemon fruit + 5 teaspoons water. Drink it before you start smoking addiction in the amount of 5-10 cups / day.

Honey will be released into the bloodstream, into the brain, releasing nicotine toxins in the addict’s brain.

Your tongue will become familiar with delicious sweetness of honey instead of the bitter taste from tobacco.

 After 10-15 days of drinking the mixture, you will gradually reduce the amount of cigarettes that everyday you still smoke until you quit completely.

tips to quit smoking

Orange juice

According to experts, People regularly smoke often lose a lot of vitamin C, their body must use more vitamin C to metabolize some of the unnatural substances found in nicotine.

That is why you want to quit faster, your body needs to absorb more vitamin C, especially vitamin C in fruits such as orange, lemon, kiwi, tomato …

In the process of quitting, a glass of orange juice will help your body quickly get rid of the dependence on nicotine and the toxins in cigarettes.

Milk and Milk beverages

Many cigarette smokers say that after drinking a glass of milk, smoking does not bring them the excitement they deserve. Milk makes cigarettes bitter and unpleasant.

Some people quit smoking by soaking the cigarettes in milk, drying them and using them to suck in cravings. The unpleasant taste of these cigarettes will make you “afraid” of cigarettes. If you are persistent and good at several times, you can easily get rid of nicotine addiction.


Just eat 2-3 apples a day. In apples containing pectin, help reduce the amount of toxins in your blood. A diet expertly guided with apples will help remove toxins from cigarettes in the blood.

Not only that, the taste of sweet and crunchy apples. This helps smokers reduce cravings when they are in the cessation phase.

apple-tips to quit smoking is extremely simple
       Eat honey daily is one of tips to quit smoking


Celery is considered by many as a very good vegetables for health and is effective when used to stop smoking. In addition, eggplant, beans, vegetables and cucumber also contribute to reduce cravings.

If you don’t like to eat celery, you can substitute with carrots, of course, the effect will be slightly reduced.

But experts also warn that not all vegetables are useful. In contrast, sugary vegetables that are rich in glucose will stimulate smoking cravings and make you more interested with addictive substances.

Red wine

A glass of red wine a day reduces the risk of lung cancer for both smokers and non-smokers. Researchers from southern California, US have found that people who drink a glass of red wine a day can reduce their risk of lung cancer by 60 percent.

Red wine contains flavonol and resveratrol, which are beneficial for the heart and prevent blood clots.

Red wine will be an effective companion for those who are struggling with tobacco addiction and eliminating the harmful effects it causes.

However, you should take a glass of wine every day is enough dose, otherwise, you become the “worm” of both tobacco and red wine.

red wine tips to quit smoking is extremely simple


Broccoli will help your body recover effectively during quitting smoking. It is an effective food aid in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases, digestion and also lung diseases, lung cancer.

Broccoli contains sulforaphane, a substance that promotes the activity of the NRF2 gene, protecting the lung from the damage of external toxins.

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