How Bad Is Hubba Bubba Gum – Its Harmful Effects On Your Kids

Hubba Bubba gum review. Where is Hubba Bubba gum made? Should you buy for kids? Does Hubba Bubba harm anything? These are questions that many parents want to know before they buy it for their children.

What is Hubba Bubba Gum?

What is Hubba Bubba Gum

This is a type of gum or called is “Awesome Original Bubble Gum”. It tastes very delicious and in a handy box. Hubba Bubba gum is one of the most famous and popular gum in US. Hubba Bubba gum has a curled shape about 180cm long, it is placed in a beautiful box. You just pull it out and tear it to eat.
In other words, this is gum, it is like Dubble-Rich of Korea, only different in taste, especially very soft and smooth. This gum has 6 different flavors such as:

Traditional taste (the most like children), the grapes, the strawberry flavor, the fruit flavor, the blueberry flavor and the cola flavor.

How Bad is Hubba Bubba Gum? Its Harmful Effects on your kids

Because it is a type of gum, depending on the age of the child, you should consider it before using it. If small children swallow, its harmful effects will be extremely dangerous.

Gum cannot be digested like regular foods. Gum is made from many ingredients such as: Natural or artificial rubber latex (gum), sugar, colorings, odorants …

Therefore, Hubba Bubba gum will be harder to digest if your child swallowed. We can easily see that the gum is not completely crushed by the chewing process. And your stomach can’t decompose them in the usual way.

When gum is in the mouth, it will stimulate the need to chew gum. If your child chews gum much, it will cause the jaw of the children to work a lot, leading to fatigue, the joints are dislocated from the position, causing temporal joint bone disorder.

Its Harmful Effects on your kids

This often leads to jaw pain, headaches and reduced movement of jaw joints. Children’s teeth develop incomplete, if chewing gum regularly can destroy tooth enamel and change jaw joints. The upper teeth tend to expand while the lower teeth will narrow.

Some of the outer teeth of the upper jaw tend to protrude forward, while the outer teeth of the lower jaw tend to retract inside. This makes the teeth uneven. So if your child uses Hubba Bubba gum many times and for a long time, it will lead to a loss of their teeth.

In Hubba Bubba gum contains sugar, obviously if your child uses it much, there is a risk of tooth decay due to sugar clinging to their teeth.
In addition, when using them, blood sugar levels will rise, constantly leading to excess sugar within the liver. The liver will not break down quickly, leading to the risk of many diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, obesity, …

For children, if they swallow gum regularly, the result is a large amount of gum residue accumulated in their intestines or stomach, leading to the risk of gastrointestinal obstruction and causing very high constipation.

In Singapore, the government began issuing a ban on chewing gum in 1992. In fact, the ban does not rule out people’s ownership of chewing gum. But the supply of chewing gum was abolished when all actions to sell and import chewing gum were considered illegal.

The reason given is that gum is not good for health and pollutes the environment and causes bad urban landscape. This type of candy is often eaten to create bubbles in the mouth for fun but it does not contain healthy nutrients.

Should you buy Hubba Bubba Gum for your children?

If you occasionally buy Hubba Bubba chewing gum for your kids to eat, it will be okay if the time is not more than 1 time per week.
This type of gum should be restricted to children and should not be used by children under 3 years of age. Because they are not aware of the harmful effects of chewing gum.

You should be strict with your children when they want to eat constantly. Because if you keep following your child you will harm them.
Hubba Bubba gum originated in America, so its quality is quite good. Adults and young children can use it.

You must consider and be careful because a lot of poor quality fake goods have appeared. Leading to the risk of poisoning when children use them. You should give them to children over 3 years old to enjoy this gum at least 1 time but not overused.

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