How To Make Breast Bigger By Exercises

How to make your breast look bigger? This is certainly a question that any woman thinks of at least once in her life. So how do we do it? Very simple, you just need to practice the breast exercises, sure you will have a chest as desired. What exercises to make breast bigger? You take a careful study of classical chest exercises are presented below:

how to make breast bigger

Push-up to make breast bigger

You are kneeling by two knees and pressing your hands on the floor. After, you lower the upper part of your body down to the floor gently, then lift it up. Note that while doing this exercise, your back and neck need straight. This exercise is simple but effective, it helps your breasts size up significantly, do this exercise 12 times in one session.

Exercise like frog jumping to make your boobs bigger

Like posture in the exercise above, but you press hands on the floor combined with crawl forward like a frog preparing to jump, lower the upper part of your body down to the floor surface.

Then you lift the upper part of your body up and move your buttocks backwards so that your boobs touches knees, do this exercise 12 times in one session.

Exercise like chest fly to make your breast look bigger

You switch to lying on your back, legs comfortably shrink, hands hold two water bottles (0.5 liter type) or anything else with a similar weigh.

At this point, you raise your hands up and let them touch each other, then lower them and place them on the floor, do this exercise 20 times in one session.

Push-ups each part to help your chest bigger

You are in the same position as normal push-ups. First, you lower your buttocks down to reduce the pressure on your hands, then you lower your arms so that your chest touches the floor surface.

Then, you lift up your hands and continue to lift the buttocks up. This exercise is suitable for women with weak health, do not perform normal push exercises but still very effective to increase breast size, do this exercise 15 times in one session.

You should do all the exercises as described above to increase breast size and effectiveness faster. In addition, going along with the exercise, the diet is also very important.

Therefore, if you want to increase breast size effectively you should not be anorexic. You have to eat more diverse foods such as meat, fish, vegetables, fruits … so that your body is full of nutrients, thereby the breasts grow as you want.

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