Massage Boobs: How To Do It, Steps, How Long, Benefits, Good Or Bad?

Massage Boobs has some major health benefits. This action helps your body relax, reduce stress and enhance health.

In addition to the above benefits, massage boobs also offers great benefits for your health and charm for your breasts.

how to massage boobs

Benefits of massage boobs

Massage Boobs helps increase breasts size

The gentle massage movements will help circulate blood through the chest area better. As a result, the cells are provided with adequate nutrients, strongly developed to make the breasts expand and breast size increase.

There are many ways to massage but the simplest action is to gently massage around the breasts in the direction from the bottom to the top, from the far to the near, the left chest will opposite direction with the right chest.

Morning and evening are the best times to massage your chest area. Each time you should do about 15 minutes. Maintaining this method every day, you will see your first round significantly increase!

Boobs massage helps prevent sagging breasts

Your breasts are sagging often in women after childbirth due to dilated mammary nerves. In addition to lift the breast by plastic surgery, massage boobs is the most effective breast augmentation method for women who are afraid of surgery.

Massage boobs helps prevent breast cancer

In addition, Massage also increases the amount of lymph and increases the ability to eliminate toxins to the chest area, thereby limiting the risk of mammary gland diseases.

In particular, researchers at the University of California at Berkeley (USA) said that the pressure on the chest (through massage) has the effect of adjusting the cells of your chest back to the initial format and contribute to reducing the risk of breast cancer.

Scientists conducted a series of experiments on mammary tissue cells on the breast area. Compression force is exerted during the early stages of malignant cell development.

Over time, these cells were forced to start developing normally and more organized. Meanwhile, cells that do not suffer from compression continue to grow uncontrollably, leading to breast cancer.

This suggests that the tissue organization in the mammary gland is very sensitive to mechanical effects during early growth and development.

Through the results of the study, scientists recommend that women should give them 15-minute chest massage routines every day, along with creating a healthy lifestyle to prevent breast cancer.

Massage boobs against aging skin

You will always feel happy life thanks to regular chest massage. In doing so, the body releases hormones oxytocin, prolactin and estrogen, which directly affect the anti-aging effect.

These three hormones are powerful in human anti-aging properties and thus make you look younger and prevent aging.

How to massage boobs

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