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Saffron Negin is often referred to as Saffron, mined from saffron grown in Western Asia. Saffron Negin in West Asia is dubbed the most expensive spice in the world.

This material is considered “red gold” in the life of West Asian people.

Pistil Of Saffron Flower

Why is Saffron expensive?

It is very expensive to cultivate poles, take care and harvest.

Each Saffron flower only 3 pistils are taken to produce quality products.  At the same time combined with the production process and elaborate harvesting of products, making products cost up to 16 USD / gram.

Harvesting is also very difficult and as labor intensive as cultivation. Every harvest season, Saffron only blooms for a few weeks.

At this time, the saffron producers will focus on harvesting and picking flowers early in the morning. After that, they gently took pistil Of flower to dry it.

To get 1 kg of fresh flower pistils, it takes 170 thousand flowers equivalent to 68 kg of fresh flowers, and the harvest time takes nearly a week of work.

Saffron is divided into the following categories

Saffron Negin:

The best, highest quality, selected from high quality pistil and cut the leg of the pistil.

Saffron Sargol:

This is a bit poorer than Negin but still good, they are smaller and thinner stamens.

Saffron Pushali:

This type does not cut the leg of the pistil to increase weight, quality is also less than the above two types.

Saffron Bunch:

This type is harvested in the form of raw pistil, bundled in small bundles so it is difficult to check the quality of the pistil fiber inside.

Saffron Konji:

Is the part removed from negin and sargol.

Why is Pistil Of Saffron Flower expensive

Thus, Saffron is divided into many types with different quality. Consumers who do not check carefully will lead to confusion when buying a lower quality product, but the price is still high.

Saffron has a very high nutritional value

In pistil contains vitamins A, B3, B6, Cu, Zn, Fe, folic acid. Especially minerals Alpha – carotene, beta-carotene are extremely effective in beauty care women.

According to records of Egyptian history – Cleopatra Queen used Saffron to take care of her beauty since she was very young.

The fibers of pistil have special flavors, colors, and aromas that have a positive effect on the health and skin of users.

Hepatolagy magazine published a scientific study that showed, Saffron works to prevent a variety of chemical compounds capable of causing cancer.

At the same time, Saffron helps restore antioxidants, enhance inhibition of cancer cells to a certain extent.

In addition, a very useful use that few people know. That is to increase the weight for the thin, Saffron is the savior for the skinny.

Because, thanks to many high mineral content inside, pistil helps promote digestive system, improves working ability of liver, bile, helps stomach and small intestine digest and absorb food well.

My story about the way to find medicine helps gain weight

My story about the way to find medicine helps gain weight

I am 29 years old, have a husband and 1 kid. I was born with a slender body, 1.6 m tall but weighed only 42 kg.
Therefore, I drank a lot of rare medicines and herbs but still did not improve my weight.

Partly also because of poor digestion, eating more but not being absorbed. I also went to the hospital to see if my digestive system, liver, … have trouble. But the result is still normal, and I still don’t know why I can’t gain weight.

I was also introduced by my brothers and relatives to a variety of European supplements and traditional remedies, but in the end I still had to leave them because they were ineffective.

How did I gain weight?

Bored of being too skinny, my parents and siblings criticized my appearance so I was very sad. One day, my cousin was as skinny as I suggested I try Pistil of saffron flower.

At first I did not believe it very much, but because there was no other option. Moreover, my cousin was as skinny as I used to be, but now he is fat thanks to using Saffron Negin.

So I started using Saffron Negin, the results were unexpected, so my parents and husband couldn’t believe it either.

Only used 1 bottle of Saffron Negin that has just price 15 USD. I ate a lot, slept deeply, gained weight and got to sleep. Within 2 months I gained weight from 42 to 48 Kg.

This is too great because I still have to go to work so it won’t require much weight gain. If you use the product and have plenty of rest time, you will definitely gain more weight than me.

Now I am so happy that I have a museum called Saffron Negin, and I don’t get rid of people laughing. Thanks to Saffron Negin.

The main uses Of Saffron.

Saffron is a famous material in the world because it has many applications in many cases. In particular, people are very interested in the effects of its insomnia and stress relief.

It regulates the hormones of women and gets the most attention from women. It helps skin white, smooth skin, anti-aging skin, find the youthful beauty of women.

Saffron is known for its good use in supporting the treatment of human diseases including arthritis.

The main uses Of Pistil Of Saffron Flower

The effect of supporting digestion – reducing bloating, helping weight gain and being a savior for lean people.
Pistil Of Saffron Flower is respected and cared for by people all over the world. Because this kind of food works to prevent cardiovascular disease.

It is especially effective at preventing cancer early. Saffron also works to strengthen vitality and resistance to the body.

Has the effect of healing Alzheimer’s. This is a common disease in older people that makes them distracted, unable to memorize, or even forget all.

Saffron is known for many precious uses to increase the body’s resistance or to help treat some diseases. In particular, Saffron also works to enhance physiological ability for men.

How to distinguish Saffron Negin real and fake

It is not surprising that Saffron Negin is fake. Or very poor quality because the material used is Pushali or Bunch.

Many people disregard the health benefits of everyone to fake Saffron Negin in the hope of making a quick profit.

Since the middle ages, people have discovered the case of mixing Saffron Negin with impurities such as sugar beet, pomegranate, red silk …

Saffron Negin in powder form is easy to counterfeit more by adding fillers such as turmeric powder, chili powder.

To distinguish Saffron Negin in fiber form, the easiest way is to use a few fibers pistil soaked with cold water.

Fake goods, Saffron Negin will melt very quickly into the water but does not have a characteristic aroma, smell of grass and honey. Mild yarns after soaking will be soft and melted.

Real goods, Saffron Negin takes 12 minutes to melt red orange, not white or yellow and very fragrant water. The fiber, when picked up and rolled lightly, will find it very flexible and only broken, not crushed.

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