The Best Ways To Increase Breast Size Today

We all know that the most attractive thing to women is their breasts. Therefore, little breasts make girls less confidence in communication. How to increase breast size naturally? Best ways to increase breast size and help you have beautiful natural breasts will be presented below:

Increase breast size by exercise and eating foods that stimulate the development of the chest

increase breast size by exercise

Exercise has always been chosen by many women to maintain beautiful body shape, slim, balanced. However, you may not know, just practice the right breast exercises will help your breasts grow perfectly, toned, natural beauty.

When exercising the exercises for the chest muscles, it helps the chest muscles to move more, boost metabolism and speed up the development of the chest.

There are many exercises for effective chest muscles such as weightlifting, swimming, anti-pushing, gym, … You can choose an exercise that fits your circumstances.

Along with these exercises, you have to eat a lot of foods that stimulate the development of the chest.  Those foods will stimulate the body to produce estrogen and that helps your breasts increase in size naturally.

What foods stimulate your body to produce estrogen?

Fruits : Apple, Cherries, Plums, Green Papaya, Chicken eggs

Dry-Fruits : Almond, Cashew-Nuts, Walnuts, Chestnuts

Vegetables : Beets, Carrots, Cucumber, Dark Green Vegetables

Beans and foods made from beans

Grains : Barley, Rice and Wheat

Seeds : Flax Seed, Sunflower Seeds and Fennel Seeds

Seafood: Shrimp, Fish, Seaweed

Super effective yoga poses for beautiful breasts

super effective yoga poses for beautiful breasts

Yoga are physical exercises that gives you a healthy and flexible body, it also helps you to have a comfortable spirit, pure soul. Yoga experts say that some yoga poses are very beneficial for your breasts.

You should practice some Yoga poses to help your breasts enhance and develop as: Matsyasana, Ustrasana, Cow- face,Bhujangasana.

Massage breast to increase size

massage breast to increase size

Many Japanese women have attractive breasts. They successfully applied the massage method of Takiko Shindo – director of the Wellness Life Institute and also author of many books which is very famous in Japan with content “how to increase breast size”.

For the most effective breast massage, you need to choose a suitable massage oil or cream, combined with exercise and drink soy milk, at the same time you should eat more foods that stimulate the body to release the entrogen. Especially you need to perform regularly to be highly effective.

Increase breast size by surgery

increase breast size by surgery

The most effective way to increase breast size is surgery, this way helps you get the breast size as you like.

You will get beautiful breasts in very short time, increase breast size by surgery will help you not have to exercise hard, or abstain from favorite foods and be replaced with foods that increase breast size.

This method is highly effective but costly and affects your health because you have to implanting silicon into your body.

However, you should not worry too, because now the plastic surgery is very developed. So the rate of complications when you increase chest size by surgery is reduced.

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