Upsize Cream Review: Good Or Bad, Safe Or Harmful, Effect, Reviews

Upsize Cream Review is a comprehensive review of Upsize cream which is for women. Don’t buy Upsize cream if you haven’t read this article.

Upsize cream reviews

What is Upsize Cream?

The chest plays a major role in the female silhouette and their aesthetic perception. Therefore, it is essential to see you in a good shape and to prevent premature loss of power.

The cream can be highly recommended for daily care of women’s bust and decollete area. The systematic applications of the product make breasts look “pushed up”, fuller, more attractive and prettier due to the special active ingredient VOLUFILINE TM.

The cream improves skin tension, firmness and elasticity, makes it more radiant, full of energy and through this the whole body looks more beautiful. Bust care cream has a soft texture, easy spread & fast absorption.

Where is Upsize Cream produced?

UpSize cream made in Russia by Hendel’s Garden.Hendel’s Garden create health and beauty products for ambitious and persistent people,
try to make the lives of our customers better and richer by creating safe and natural products of high quality.

Main ingredients of the Upsize cream

Extract from the root of Pueraria Mirifica is a plant hormone similar to the estrogen – phytoestrogen Deoxymiroestrol. This ingredient is called an isoflavone that inhibits and blocks the development of cancer and cancers in the tissues of the breast.

It has a mammogenic effect, rejuvenates and restores the state of the breast tissues at the cellular level. It also nourishes cells of mammary glands, protects the skin from the effects of negative external factors, stimulates the breast tissues to grow.

Rose oil  is an essential extract of oil from the Moroccan and Damascus Rose and it has a toning and regenerative effect. Also, the component normalises the hormonal background, regulating the work of the endocrine system, has a mild soothing effect.

Rose essential oil is used in cosmetics due to the positive effects on the skin – smoothes the skin, gives the skin firmness and elasticity, prevents the formation of stretch marks.

Vegetable protein contains many vitamins (C, D, E, A), as well as minerals and amino acids, filling the skin cells with nutrients, retaining moisture, smoothing and regenerating the skin of the breast.

Macadamia oil is a rich with palmitic acid and provides nourishment and hydration to the skin. The component makes the breast more tender and velvety.

Shea Butter has a softening and protective effect, increases the production of collagen which is the basis of connective tissue, an essential part of the mammary gland. The component slows down aging of breast skin, nourishes and moisturizes it.

Jojoba oil moisturizes the upper layer of the dermis and normalizes the work of sebaceous glands located in the chest. Tocopherol slows down the aging process, promotes the flow of blood to the breast tissue, stimulates the formation of new cells, eliminates stretch marks.

Is Upsize Cream good?

Description of Upsize cream from Hendel’s Garden

This emulsion was specially formulated to make the skin of your breasts firmer, tense as well as flexible. This product has a proper durability effect that does not change during applications.

Upsize cream had a very interesting and soft texture, easy spread and fast absorption, high efficiency. This can give you that look you want, so you will feel sexy and confident again.

Upsize cream review and customer’s reviews

According to our records, only 40% of customers are satisfied with the product. A lot of women complain that they used more than 2 tubes but don’t see their round 1 improvement or that the effect is very small.

Some women say, they did follow exactly what the manufacturer instructs. But the result for them is zero, they are very sad because losing money and don’t want to use it continuously after 2 weeks.


Give this product to my wife, who already completed two weeks of daily use, but did not see any change in her bust. I request the refund of the money.

Ms Anna in UK said:

Nice lotion but nothing Upsize cream so far

An Amazon Customer said

Doesn’t do ANYTHING

However, some people have positive feedback about the product.

Mrs blondie in US said:

I will continue to use for six weeks as im only on week one hopefully this will work but u will update review as and when done 😉bigger fuller boobs here i come

Ms Ivelez in Brazil said:

Great texture, good smell. Makes skin look soft and taut.

Ms Jak in Canada said:

Good cream. Not greasy

Try it and leave a comment here about Upsize cream review for you that will help everyone to know efficiency of products. Maybe it works well for you.

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